Led Lights for Bass Boats

Led Lights for Bass Boats

Led Lights for Bass Boats

Led Lights for Bass Boats

As the name suggests, a bass boat is designed for a specific purpose which is bass fishing. This bass boat is a low-slung, with an elevated platform at the bow along with a stern for uninterrupted casting. Bass boat is built with an outboard motor in order to have more space for storage and has a mount on the bow for the trolling motor.

Most bass boats are used for tournament fishing and often are expensive to set up. For people who are maintaining a bass boat, it is important to install LED lights for many purposes.

LED lighting has become a popular thing for several years now. From stores and warehouses, LED lights are now illuminating everything including bass boats. Their efficiency and environmentally friendly have turned people intro patronizing this product.

Importance of Lighting on Boats

If you own a boat, then you will definitely know how important boat lightings are. Having enough and proper lighting on your boat will provide you with the efficient and safe use of your vessel.

If you are new to the world of boats, then it is important to know about the different lightings you will probably need. There are many types of boat lights and here are some of the main kinds and their importance.

Navigation Lights

If you are planning to go anywhere, then a navigation light is a must-have. This light will indicate your location and reducing the probability of collision with other boats.

Anchor Lights

This type of light tells the location of your boat at the dock and mostly required by the law. This light will alert the other boaters that you are docked.

Deck Lights

Cabin and deck lights can be installed on the sides of the boat, on the deck surface, or under the roof.

Underwater Lights

Underwater lights are not required by the law but for safety reason, they are recommended to be installed. This light is placed on the lower part of the boat and are often used to attract the fish at night.

This light can help boaters observe marine life easier when fishing. Underwater lights are also used mostly for decorative purposes particularly on bass boats. LED lights are mostly preferred for underwater lighting.

Docking Lights

This type of light is used when you enter or leave a dock. This light can help you navigate during the docking process so you can have the right space. This light is installed permanently on the front of the boat.

Top Three LED Lights for Bass Boats

1. OPT7 Boat Interior Glow LED Lighting Kit

The OPT7 Boat Interior Glow LED Kit is a great choice if you want to have custom automotive lighting solution. This LED light is designed to give rich and brilliant colors. This OPT7 are engineered with the SmartColor LEDs technology.

This technology features a Micro-LEDs with three primary colors combined into a single SMD. This feature allows an excellent mixture of colors at the micro level producing more brilliant and pure color lights. This LED light is flexible enough to curve, twist, and vend around any surface.

The OPT7 Boat Interior Lighting Kit also comes to SoundSync Technology that lights the music with a greatly tuned bass-activated feature that enables you to experience a new level of music in new lights. This lighting can be installed and set up easily within five minutes with its plug and play feature.

The OPT7 kit has three different fuse adapters that let you plug your kit directly into a fuse box for a clean installation. Once installed, you can easily select the pattern and color you want with its E-Z remote.


Multiple flashing modes

Advance Color Dimming

One Touch Color Selection



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2. LEANINGTECH White Spreader LED Deck/Marine Lights

The LeaningTech White Spreader Lights comes with two pieces 18 watts LED boat lights and stainless steel hardware for mounting. It gives off extremely bright LED spreader and deck lights perfect for wide angle view since it allows you to see both right and left clearly.

These lights are a great choice for houseboats, fishing boats, and sailboats. Its mounting feature is flexible to truck with heavy-duty vehicles. It guarantees top performance when sailing and driving. This LED light can also be installed on yacht, ship, or freighter if you want to improve the light brightness of your voyage.

If you are on the road with trucks, trains, motorbike, ATV, and more, then this off-road LED lighting kit is just perfect. It has excellent heat dissipation feature that uses aluminum alloy to give maximum cooling effect in order to withstand harsh events. It is also guaranteed to last longer as it has 30,000 hours of lifetime.



30,000 hours lifespan

1080 LM

Super Bright

High intensity LED


Brackets are oversized

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3. Interwebz Boat Bow Navigation LED Lighting Kit

The Interwebz Boat Bow LED Kit is one of the best alternatives to traditional navigation lights such as pole style. It has 1 red LED and 1 green LED strips. These LED strips have a black background in order to match the boat rub rails or exteriors, unlike other LED lights that use white LED strip background which often is noticeable.

But with Interwebz’ black background, it can blend beautifully when put near the rub rail of the boat. It comes with extra long six inches black wire used of convenient installation. Most of the LED kits only have 2 or 4 inches lead.

The 6 inches leads come with a small removable sticker with labels indicating which lead is positive and can hook to any standard 12 volts connection. This Interwebz Boat Navigation Light is durable and waterproof.

It has a silicone-based construction and can be submerged completely into the water and still functioning. It has a super strong double sided tape that can stick for a long period of time.


Heavy duty

Sturdy rubber and plastic coating

Great lights

Easy to install


No adhesive backing

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There are many types of boat lights in the market today. Whether you are boating for recreational purposes or for a living, it is important to note that boat lights are must-haves and boaters must not take it for granted if they value safety and security especially on waters.

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