Best Rear Bike Light for Daytime

Best Rear Bike Light for Daytime

Best Rear Bike Light for Daytime

Best Rear Bike Light for Daytime

Some people often ask why do bikers put rear or tail lights on their bikes even at day time. The answer is very simple. And that is to prevent rear-end shunt unpleasantness.

Even at day time, cyclists need to be visible at all times especially on the road. Most rear lights have modes that enable the bikers to be more visible and prevent any accidents that may arise from dull and overcast days.

Why Do You Need a Rear Bike Light?

The front light functions to illuminate the road ahead while rear bike lights focus more about road safety and making the cyclist visible to other people on the road. A rear-end shunt can be a devastating occurrence that is why people should start investing in reliable rear lights.

In fact, some countries like the UK prohibits bikers without reflectors and lights go after dark on the road. Rear lights for bicycles are not only used at night. In the daytime, the importance of rear lights come across especially in foggy, low light, and dappled shade.

The same goes when it is super sunny in broad daylight, an ultra bright rear light can help you see the road. Since rear light is mostly for safety only rather than pure illumination, it does not need too much power or brightness.

Some may choose a 20-Lumen light which is already a reasonable one and some opt to have up to 300 Lumens which are recently offered in the market today.

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Buying Guide for Rear Bike Light


If you are planning to use the rear light for daytime, then the brighter light is better. Just ensure not to dazzle other people on the road especially at night. You can also look for several settings such as brightness control so you are able to adjust the brightness depending on your riding condition.


Most rear lights have a universal fit. Some people choose plastic ratchet system that can clamp around the seat post or a rubber strap which is mostly favored by bikers because it is simple to mount and reliable.


Most rear bike lights are now rechargeable through USB ports. You can conveniently charge your light through any device with USB ports such as power banks, computers, and more. This will enable you to save lost of money from purchasing regular batteries.

Here are some of the best rear bike lights:

1. Ultra Bright Blitzu Cyborg Bicycle Tail Light

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Blitzu is known for being one of the most trusted outdoor gears when it comes to bikers and cyclists. They offer professionally-engineered products that are tested in their facility as they are committed to offering high-quality lighting systems.

Their lighting products, particularly for bicycles, guarantees top performance every cyclist wants. It’s Ultra Bright Blitzu Cyborg Tail Light is one of their latest technologies that provide light not only at night time but at daytime as well, keeping cyclists safe at all times.

It comes with USB Charger that cuts your time for changing batteries every week. Because it is rechargeable, you will not need to buy many batteries for replacement. It includes a charging cable that can power your lights from a power bank, computers, or any device with USB Port, making it one of the best rear lights in the market so far.

You can use the lights and charge them at any time and any place you want. That is what others call convenience. Aside from the USB charging feature, the Ultra Bright Blitzu Cyborg Tail Light offers super bright illumination to ensure your safety.

It has a 260-degree angle design that is able to offer more visibility compared to other lights in the market. Its COB LED has six settings that can ensure you are visible even during daylight or on dark roads including Steady High, Medium, Low, or Flashing Low, High, or Strobe.

Whether you are cycling, running, walking, or hiking, these Ultra Bright Blitzu Cyborg Tail Light will surely keep you secure and safe. Another feature of this product is that it is easy to use.

You can directly hook in on your belt, on dog collars, running gears, harnesses, or anywhere on your clothing. For cyclists, you can easily mount it on your helmet, or anywhere on your bicycle where you prefer. Lastly, this Ultra Bright Blitzu Cyborg Tail Light is waterproof and can withstand any harsh conditions that may occur.


Ultra bright

Rechargeable through a USB port

Comes with 6 different settings

260-degree angle, wide coverage

Easy to use




Bracket not too strong

2. Cygolite Hotshot 2-Watt USB Rechargeable Taillight

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The Cygolite Hotshot Tail light is a powerful 2-Watt LED with five different flash modes including zoom, steady, triple, single, and random. It can run from 4.5 hours up to 500 hours with a single charge. It also uses a Li-ion battery that is rechargeable through USB ports.

This Cygolite Hotshot uses an OSP (On-Site Programmable) Technology that can adjust the speed of flashing when the light is being used. The tail light is integrated with clothing clip, a seat post mount and comes with a USB cable for fast charging. The Cygolite gives off a very bright light even at 2 watts.


Very bright


Effective for day and night riding


Clip attachment is weak

3. Canway Ultra Bright LED Bicycle Rear Light

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The Canway Ultra Bright LED Light is an excellent choice for bicycle lights. It is designed to have 260-degree wide visual to ensure clearer and more visibility, especially during daytime. Its COB lamp beads can provide super bright light to enhance maximum appearance and visibility while on the road.

This bicycle has multiples modes including blue and red lights. It is also waterproof and can withstand any harsh conditions. Another feature of this bicycle light is that it can last from two to four hours depending on the mode you will use.

The Canway Ultra Bright LED Light is also rechargeable. It uses a USB port in order to power up. You will not need to buy batteries anymore as the light can be recharged from any device that has a USB port including computers, power banks, and more. It only takes two hours in order to fully charge.

Another feature of this bicycle light is that it is easy to install. You can directly mount it on your bicycle vertically or horizontally. It includes a 360-degree rotation design that can be flexible when attached or detached to the helmet, handlebars, and frames without needing any other tools.


Super bright

Easy to install




Rubber holder is not too strong


For a safer journey on the road, many bikers recommend having two rear bike lights so that if one fails or runs out of power, you can use the other one.

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