Which Light is Good for Reading Yellow or White

Which Light is Good for Reading Yellow or White

Which Light is Good for Reading, Yellow or White?

Do you ever notice how the color of light coming out of light bulbs can be different? It’s not a visual illusion, it’s actually different types of light bulb technologies that give out different light colors.

This brings up the question… Which light is good for reading, yellow or white?

There is a huge chance that you have realized the difference in the light colors as you are already reading this article. However, if you do not have a preference will you might be unconsciously leaning towards one color more than the other.

This is something that is completely normal, as white and yellow lights might have different effects on your eyes and your psychological state in turn.

If you were hesitant on which light color to pick when reading, then you are in the right place!

Is There a Difference?

As a start, you need to understand why is there a difference in the light color in the first place. The main feature that shapes the light is the Kelvin rating (K) of the source of the light itself.

It is considered as a scale; as you keep increasing the value of  K, the light starts changing from yellow to white.

The normal daylight (white light) is rated at 6000K which is found everywhere during the morning. On the other hand, the candles produces yellow light at a rating of 1000K.

Now that you can clearly spot the difference between the two lights, with actual examples of daily used applications, let’s look at what is better for you. The white light is generally called cool-white while the yellow is warm-white.

White is Better Vs Yellow is Much Better!

To begin this argument, we should start by stating that these choices definitely rely on what is better for you. Some people might find themselves more suited to the cool white, while others look forward to the warm white.

Some studies have even shown that people would prefer a certain type of light according to the location of their country as it will lean towards what they are used to.

Having what suits your eyes and brain the most is the first thing you should look for when picking the most suitable light.

However, the debate doesn’t end here; there are actually effects that the type of color causes on your body which can give us a try on the final best choice.

To begin with, the yellow light has the characteristic of being more relaxing to the eyes. Given how it is classified as “warm”, the yellow light gives you the feeling of being in a cozy place due to its color.

This is why, it is generally recommended for reading and other applications that require being relaxed and mentally stable. It is also recommended in places like the bed room and living room which are the main areas where you relax and probably start reading.

On the other hand, the white light is considered to be the cool option. It is intense and direct which helps you be focus and concentrated. This type of light is usually recommended in workplaces and commercial areas of business.

In the household, the white cool light is recommended for rooms like the kitchen, office, study and bathrooms; which are all areas of work where you are not focused on relaxing.

The Fight Doesn’t Stop There!

The color of the light is definitely a very strong factor when trying to pick the right mood for you to read. However, there are many different features that should be considered which could also act as a strong factor when trying to pick the best light for reading.

Light Intensity One of the most important features to look for in the lighting unit is the intensity of the light. This can also be reflected as the brightness of the light bulb.

The more power used by the light bulb, the more its intensity and brightness will increase. Too bright or too dull units are definitely not good for reading (whether white or yellow light).

Light Position The second crucial point is the positioning of the light itself. When speaking on commercial household lighting units, there is definitely not a lot of options to pick from.

However, the type of fixture, when it comes to reading especially, is an important choice that will change your reading experience a lot.

Having the right fixture, being placed in the right position and being adjustable to other positions is exactly what you should look for when starting to read.

Light Distribution  Last but not least, is the distribution of the light itself through the room you’re in. You could pick your favorite light color with the perfect intensity and still be annoyed but how irrelevant it is to your bed.

This is why you should anticipate the distribution of the light when picking your light bulb in order to make sure you can actually benefit from it.

What Are You Waiting For?

With all what you have read, you are now ready to go out there and pick the best light for reading. Many people may pick the yellow light as the best light for reading while others might refute that argument with the white light.

However, in the end, this can be considered as a personal choice, depending on your mood, body and even area of living.

A very common approach to this choice is to mix it up! It is very common to have white lights and yellow lights in different rooms of your house, or even the same room, in order to help you try both.

Whichever you find more appealing to your reading mood should be the right choice.

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