How to Make a Table Lamp Look Taller

How to Make a Table Lamp Look Taller

How to Make a Table Lamp Look Taller

Are you trying to figure out how to make a table lamp look taller? Well, read futher so you can get the right balance of light and style to your room.

It gets really irritating when your table lamp is too short or just not tall enough to do the work it’s intended for. A table lamp is a very important tool as it is usually used for a specific purpose.

Whether for reading, working or any late night activities, table lamps are very important in their sole purpose. However, sometimes the most suitable designs turn out to be not practical; especially in terms of the height of the fixture.

This is why we have researched and found the best ways out there that can help you make your table lamp look taller.

Where Should You Start?

Before we start on the different techniques and tricks you can adopt, you need to understand that these approaches all rely on perspectives and smart solutions.

The whole purpose is to make your table lamp look taller without compromising the beauty of its design or function. The different approaches her rely on using different prompts that will help you make the fixture look much taller.

The first step you need to take is to study thoroughly your table lamp together with its surroundings. When you are fully aware of the space around the lamp that you can use, you will be easily able to find different solutions and pick the one that best suits you.

Furthermore, if the lamp is placed somewhere with low space around it, then you would probably have to free a certain radius around it, as you might use additional items.

When observing your table lamp, you should look on the whole structure and the mechanics of the lamp as this will help you when innovating a new approach for increasing the height.

Let’s Deep Dive Into This!

Now with all the environmental factors kept in mind, you can start brainstorming on the approach that best suits you. There are plenty of different ideas where you can pick front but they all generally revolve around adding an item underneath the table lamp.

However, picking the right piece of decoration is the key here; as one thing could look perfect while a minor change might ruin the whole approach. The following are a few of the most popular and recommended tips that can help you get your table lamp look taller:

Round Pine Bun Foot If you are using a table made out of wood or a table lamp with wood in its base, then this option is great for you. This is a round base made out of high quality wood.

Its center has a round rod that can even be used to hold your table lamp in it tightly. This option is one of the greatest as the wooden bun can come in different sizes and will definitely have an elegant touch to your fixture.

Books As weird as this might sound, the use of books under your table lamp can be very easy, cheap, practical and sometimes even elegant.

Table lamps are usually used for studying or reading which is a reason why you would have books around the table. Having a double use for these books will save you time, money and effort.

Furthermore, the elegancy here comes from the choice of books with the right book covers. As cheesy as this might sound, but having books with colors to compliment the fixture and the background will definitely help make the application blend in and look normal.

Other Decorations There are many different options out there for decorations that can also be used to make your lamp feel taller. These options might include small models of tables or even long rods which can still be used separately if needed. This idea might cost you more money than other alternatives, however it is considered to be the most appealing.

Tripods One of the least common approaches which is still cheap to apply is to create a certain type of tripod to your table lamp. This is a method that can only be used if your lamp is mechanically free of any complications.

Some users tend to use different rods and tie the system together in order to elongate the table lamp making it as functional as possible.

Tip Of The Day

It is always better to keep in mind the final look of your table lamp no matter what approach you picked. Most options rely on adding a different prompt to your table lamp which will definitely affect the initial taste you were going for.

However, there is a secret that you can use which will help you maintain the main design idea that you had in mind. It is always recommended to find any appealing piece of decoration to be placed in front of the extra section for the table lamp.

This will help hide the add on, while still having something more appealing at your home. Some people might also like to hang different green options (plants) on the added part to hide as much of it as possible.

Remember, you need to always keep in mind the color, shape and material of your table fixture in order to find something that goes with it.

Different colors and material quality will definitely be very observable for the naked eye, which is why you should pick carefully.

It is also very important to determine the exact height that you need to add to your table lamp in order to not go too high neither stay out of the functionality zone.

Let’s Go Taller!

Now that you have seen different options out there and approaches that you can use, let’s not waste more time and start looking for the right option.

There are many choices out there, but you are now definitely ready to pick the right choice for you.

Let’s not waste more time; go out there and make the right decision!

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