How to Fix a Lava Lamp After Shaking it?

How to Fix a Lava Lamp After Shaking it

How to Fix a Lava Lamp After Shaking it?

How to fix a Laval Lamp After Shaking it

More than decades ago, lamps were invented to produce light in times of darkness. Over the years, people have invented things that helped lamps go on a new level. Because of technology, lamps have evolved as to not only light bringer but as well as a decorative element used within people’s homes.

One of the best innovations when it comes to lamps is known as liquid motion lamps or simply called “lava lamps”. This type of product resulted from a theory that liquid motion lamps have two types of liquid which are very close in density and insoluble with one another.

What is a lava lamp?

Oil and water are obviously insoluble with one another and basically, they do not mix. Oil and water have different densities. The nature of a lava lamp is that, when you apply heat at the bottom of this mixture, it produces liquid motion. The heat comes from the light bulb attached to the lamp.

If the heavier liquid absorbs the heat, it will eventually expand. When it expands, it comes less dense and rises. This all happens in very slow motion because f the heat being absorbed by the liquids and dissipation slowly happens.

Most lava lamps have a silicon oil inside which is considered fragile. The most common problem owners have is that when lamps are shaken or turned upside down, the water becomes clouded and there is no more clarity in the water as the oil spreads throughout the lamp. Despite this, there are things that people can do in order to restore the clarity of the water inside the lamp.

Here are some simple ways to fix your shaken lava lamp:

Step 1: Turn your lava lamp on and off

When your lava lamp is being shaken, the first thing you would do is, of course, to turn off the lamp. Have your lamp rest for about two hours, then turn it back on, then turn it off again for some time as soon as the liquid begins clouding.

You may try to do this over and over again, usually from six to eight times. If this does not fix your problem, you may proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Run it straight for 10 hours

When power on and off does not fix your lava lamp, the next thing you can do is to turn it on for about ten hours straight in hopes that there is enough heat that will cure the problem. If your lava lamp is still not fixed, then follow the next step.

Step 3: Unplug and cool down

When your lava lamp is still not fixed after the ten-hour run, then you may unplug it already and let it cool down for about two hours. You may unscrew the lid and pour out the liquid. The “wax lava” will not pour out because it has been cooled and has turned into a solid mass. After which, you will now replace the liquid.

Poor some cool and distilled water but not into the fragile wax directly. Do not shake or stir. Pour out the water and repeat. Fill again the bottle with distilled water while leaving a 2-inch air gap at the top. This is very important because you will be adding a saline solution and because the wax needs more room to expand to gain toughness.

After this, you need to turn on the while the cap is still off. Run it for about an hour. While waiting, make a saline solution by means of microwaving a distilled glass of water for 10 to 20 seconds. Dissolve some Epson or pickling salts into the glass. Make sure not to use table salts because its iodization will cloud the water over again.

Next, dip an inch of drinking straw into the solution. To do this, put your finger on the top of the straw and carefully transfer it I the lamp bottle. Remember not to stir or shake the water. Wait for about ten minutes before transferring the solution.

Do this repeatedly every 10 minutes until the wax is able to float on the top of the lamp bottle. Lastly, you may add a tiny drop of liquid dishwashing soap in order to promote separation of the wax from the rising orbs. Then add two drops of food coloring to give a match to your wax’s color.

When done, screw the cap back to the bottle. After this, you now got a new clean and fresh lava lamp ready to go.

Some tips to avoid shaking your lava lamp:

  • Place your lava lamp in areas where you can easily view it but should not disturb you. There are fewer chances of your lava lamp to be shaken if it is somehow away from you.
  • Place your lava lamp away from direct sunlight because it may cause fading of colors.
  • Operate it less than ten hours to avoid overheating.
  • Avoid removing the globs or unscrewing the cap. When you want to replace the bulb, access it from its interior through the bulb hatch.
  • Only replace the bulb when the lamp fails to circulate or if it burns out. Most lava lamps use appliance light bulb. Make sure to check the compatibility of the bulb you use with your lamp.


Shaken lava lamps are normal and people who use it need not worry. They do not need to go to the mall or any service centers in order to fix the lamp and bring it back to its original state. The easy steps mentioned above are already enough to get you started. Lava lamps are vividly used nowadays.

There are many variations and models that boast elegant colors and features. People who have used lava lamps claims that owning one does not only give an awesome decorative element at home but gives a relaxing effect, especially when using a lava lamp at night. The wax the gently floats within the lamp bottle creates a relaxing vibe that makes you at peace.

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