How to Determine Size of Light Fixture for a Room

How to Determine Size of Light Fixture for a Room

How to Determine Size of Light Fixture for a Room

Did you ever overthink why your room is too bright or too dull? Well you are not seeing stuff, this is an actual phenomena that can occur in any room.

There are plenty different reasons why you could be affected by the light in a room; ranging from the intensity and power of the bulb to the placement of the fixture itself. However, one main attribute that directly affects the light in a room is the size of the light fixture itself.

Picking out the most suitable size for a lighting fixture is a very crucial point when you are trying to spread light in your home. There are plenty of different options when it comes to the size, however not all are for you.

This is why, we will focus on helping you find the right size, depending on a few factors that shapes your experience.

Where Do You Stand?

There are many different points that you need to study thoroughly before trying to look in the market for the right light fixtures. These characteristics, when determined, will help you figure out the right size for light fixtures in your room.

Room’s Purpose One of the main points to consider before picking out your light fixtures is to determine what is the purpose of this room.

Some rooms might need strong light intensity equally distributed everywhere (like the study or living room), while other rooms needs light to be focused on one point or even a dim light for comfort.

Understanding exactly what the room will be used for will definitely help in picking the right size.

Room’s Dimensions This is the main point in this whole article; where you should know the dimension of your room in order to be able to pick the right size.

If your room is small in size then it will probably need a light fixture with a small size. For right tracking, you will need to measure the length, width and height of your room.

These values will be used to determine the right size for your light fixtures through simple calculations.

Number of Fixtures You might need to have a strong vision to try and know how many fixtures will you install in your room.

Some people go with one fixture in the middle of the room which fills up the whole space, while others focus on having many light fixtures at each corner to focus on certain points in the room. According to the number of light fixtures you will use, the size of the light fixture will differ.

Let’s Do The Math!

Now that you have determined the previous points and you have the exact dimensions of your room, let’s calculate the right size for you light fixtures.

There are two main dimensions for light fixtures that are important to determine which are the diameter and the height from the ceiling. The height is used for light fixtures like chandeliers that hand from the ceiling.

The following is the steps to follow when calculating the right diameter for your light fixtures:

  1. Have the length and width measured in feet.
  2. Add both values obtained together.
  3. The value obtained is the same value for the diameter but when in inches.

Example: 15 feet by 10 feet

15 + 10 = 25 feet

25 feet > 25 inches

Hence, the diameter for the suitable light fixture is 25 inches!

The following is the steps to follow when calculating the right height for your light fixtures:

  1. Have the length and width measured in feet.
  2. Multiply this value with 2.5 and 3 to create a range of heights.
  3. The value obtained is the same value for the height but when in inches.

Example: 12 feet

12 * 2.5 = 30 feet     12 * 3 = 36

30 – 36 feet > 30 – 36  inches

Hence, the height for the suitable light fixture is from 30 – 36 inches!

Now you have successfully calculated the most suitable height and diameter for your light fixture. Following these steps for every room in your house will help you reach the most suitable lighting in your home.

But It Doesn’t Stop Here!

As stated earlier, there are many other plenty of points that can affect your choice in size. Another important factor is the light intensity of the light bulbs you will be using.

When picking out the light bulb you might want to pick out a product with high power outputs for intense lighting or a cheaper choice for dimmer lights.

Furthermore, the number of units in the room will definitely affect your pick of size as this will help you distribute the light equally to the whole room.

Last but not least is the fact that the price does matter, no matter what the need is! As the size of the fixture increases, definitely the price of the unit will increase making you re-think your strategy.

What are you waiting for?!

With all the knowledge you just learned through this article, you are now ready to go out there and start picking the right light fixture for you with the most suitable size for your room.

Don’t forget to measure your room first before getting too excited and leave the home directly. Picking the right size for a light fixture is a very important point that should not be taken lightly as it will definitely affect your whole experience in the room.

Don’t wait anymore, let’s go and start looking for the right size for that room!

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