Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits (Research & Guide)

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits Research(1)

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

Are you here for the Ultimate Himalayan salt lamp benefits research & guide? Awesome! Let’s get to it…

There is nothing more relaxing than a warm ambiance at home. With an overly busy schedule from work, most people spend most of their time at the offices than they do at homes. The busy life of people can be so stressful that people actually need a sanctuary where they can relax.

One best option is at home. Nowadays, people are very particular on home remedies and alternatives in order to have a relaxing, stress-free environment where they can enjoy peace and quiet.

Over the years, people have begun to introduce salt lamps that offer promising benefits to its users. The Himalayan salt lamp also has been presented to the market because of it’s beauty. The increasing admiration for these reddish salt crystals coming from the mountainous regions of the world has been overwhelming.

Himalayan salts are carved out in the center where a bulb is lit which produces heat. Manufacturers of these spa-like accessory claim that using salt lamps have several health benefits including air purification, reduction of symptoms of airborne diseases, and improve one’s mood and sleeping patterns. These salt lamps are also attractive decors that can be placed within homes.

What are Himalayan Salt Lamps?


Salt lamps or also known as Himalayan Pink Salt (HPS) are large pieces of Himalayan Salt with a tiny bulb inside. They can be in a decorative baskets filled with crystals of salt or solid pieces itself. They provide nice glow when they are lit and has proven benefits for delivering quality air.

These Himalayan salts lamps are made from True Himalayan salt crystals coming from the western side of the Himalayan Mountains in the region of Pakistan. These salts are hand-carved which forms into lamps and can be powdered to be used as salt in many recipes.

History has also proved the story of the miners who worked 4921 feet below the ground and beneath the Himalayan foothills. They were said to be affected by the magical pink salt that made them happy. Thus, a conclusion has been drawn that these salt rocks have positive effects on people.

What is Himalayan Salt?

Usual table salts are primarily made of sodium chloride. However, Himalayan salt is made up of 98% sodium chloride and some traces of minerals including zinc, magnesium, and potassium. These minerals provide salt lamps with hue which can be from light pink color up to dark orange or pink hue.

Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Work?

Because of the rising popularity of Himalayan Salt and Himalayan Salt Lamp, many people have come to ask how these things work. We all know that our human body needs salt for certain things like electrolyte balance, hydration, proper regulation for the nervous system and blood pressure.

But all of these benefits are inherited from taking in salt internally. Now the question is, how does this salt works and how can we really benefit from it?

People who are using salt lamps do not internally take them unlike of regular salt. Salt is basically hygroscopic which would mean that it attracts water molecules within. A study claims that salt lamps attract water molecules coming from the air.

Since water coming from the air also comes with allergens, bacteria, pollutants, and other harmful substances, these can also be attracted to the lamp. When the Himalayan salt from the lamp is heated, it dries out water vapor, leaving behind the particles that were attached to it.

For this reason, many enthusiasts suggest to wipe down the salt lamp with a clean cloth for a few times in order to make it clean and sanitary.

How about Negative Ions?

Many people also claim that Himalayan salt lamps are beneficial because of its production of negative ions. These negative ions can be found in nature which is mostly produced by sunlight, storms, waterfalls, and ocean waves.

Running water is known as the greatest source of negative ions which is one of the things that contributes to the natural and refreshing scent of beach and waterfalls. Scientifically, negative ions increase the circulation of oxygen into the brain which results in higher alertness, more mental energy, and decreased drowsiness.

In addition, these negative ions also protect people from germs that come with air which in turn result to the decrease in irritation brought about by inhaling various particles that enables you to cough, sneeze, or experience throat irritation.

Lastly, because of these negative ions produced by Himalayan salt lamps, people usually feel refreshed because of the fresh and humid air they breathe through the Himalayan salt lamps.

Negative ions vs positive ions

Spending time in nature is a good way to be exposed to negative ions. But salt lamps will also do the trick. Himalayan salt lamps generate a small number of negative ions that are enough to counter the harmful effect brought about by positive ions which would come from electronic devices such as TVs, computers, mobile phones, microwaves, and even vacuum cleaners.

These negative ions from salt lamps neutralize the positive ions which result to cleaner air that people find relaxing. Salt lamps are not the only solution to lessen positive ions but it is highly recommended to have one especially if you have many electronic devices within your home.

Salts lamps are Hygroscopic

By nature, salt is hygroscopic which means that it can attract water molecules in its surface. By using Himalayan salt lamps, the water quickly evaporates because of the small amount of heat from the light source coming from the lamp. That is why most salt lamps tend to produce sweat and appear to be wet especially during humid climate.

6 Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits

salt lamp health benefits

Aside from the generation of negative ions and is hygroscopic which eliminates harmful substances in the air, Himalayan salt lamps also have other benefits to count. Here are some of the claimed benefits of using Himalayan Salt and Himalayan Salt Lamps:

1. Night and Low Light Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps come in different colors. The light it produces can affect the body in so many ways. For example, blue light is being suggested to be avoided especially after sunset because it may interfere with the circadian rhythm and may distract sleep hormones.

Many modern light sources emit these blue light including tables, mobile phones, cell phones, and TVs. Since most people use these electronic devices usually in the evening, study shows that they often disrupt sleep hormones which make people find it hard to sleep at night.

Himalayan salt lamps, on the other hand, provide warm orange glows that mimic candlelight or campfire. They are considered a great source of light, especially in the evening. They can be used as a night light without bringing negative effects and do not affect sleep.

2. They Improve the Quality of Air

According to studies published by American Society for Horticultural Science, the main ingredient of air pollution is ozone which is mostly associated with outdoor air which can dominate their ways into indoor spaces such as your home.

As mentioned above, Himalayan salt lamps are a good source of negative ions that counter harmful substance like bacteria, allergens, molds, and other pollutants that may bring harm through the air.

These Himalayan salt lamps improve the air quality by removing these pollutants and lessen the probability of experiencing sneezing, throat irritation, or coughing brought about by the harmful substances.

In addition, a study which was conducted in late 1843 by a physician named Dr. Felix Boczkowski who was working in a salt mining shows that there has been a low incidence of respiratory conditions of those miners working within the salt mining.

Thus, he began to conduct more research about the effects of salt to people which then led to the modernized conclusion of salt lamp benefits to people. Out of all the listed benefits of Himalayan Salt lamps, air purification is one of the most popular answers for most buyers.

They believe that the cleaner the air, the better it is for their health. Since salt is a common mineral that naturally heals the body and mind, having a salt lamp at home can improve your overall well-being.

3. Decrease in Radiation

Most of our electronic devices at home emit electromagnetic radiation which can be in the form of positive ions coming from television, computer, and smartphones. These electromagnetic devices (EM) may be invisible to the naked eye but they can cause serious effects.

The continuous exposure to this type of radiation can increase stress, cause fatigue and even weaken the immune system. With more than 2000 studies claiming that exposure to electromagnetic fields from all sources like smartphones have toxic effects such as cancer, heart diseases, dementia, and more.

With the help of Himalayan salt lamp, it can produce enough negative ions that can neutralize positive ions brought by these electronic devices and lessens the probability of having harmful effects. Balancing the negative and positive ions can also help reduce airborne infections.

4. Color and Light Therapy

Himalayan salt lamps may boost people’s most and energy levels especially for those people having Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The soft orange color is considered as one of the soothing colors often used to increase focus and calm the mood which can be elicited from these salt lamps.

The small amount of negative ions from the Himalayan salt lamps also helps in boosting moods as well. In addition, one of the health benefits of salt lamps is the reduction of anxiety symptoms. The pinkish and orange glow can create a happy presence within a room.

5. Reduces Allergy and Asthma Symptoms

One of the benefits claims by enthusiasts using Himalayan salt lamps is that it can be used to cure allergies and asthma. Some also use Himalayan salt inhaler to bring relief to people with allergies and asthma. Salt therapy is also becoming popular these days.

It is believed to be used as a treatment to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This COPD is a lung disease which restricts airflow of the lungs. According to studies conducted by Lung Institute, salt therapy including the use of Himalayan salt lamps can be an effective way to relieve symptoms of such diseases and can enhance breathing.

6. Increase energy and reduce stress

Another claim about Himalayan salt lamp is that it has the ability to revitalize the body. The positive ions can drain the energy from your body. Since salt lamps are a good source of negative ions, they help rejuvenate the mind and body.

Once the negative ions will be able to reach the bloodstreams, they often produce a chemical that increases the number of serotonin which is a biochemical that helps reduce symptoms of depression and relieve the body and mind from stress.

How to Choose a High-Quality Salt Lamp

Salt lamp benefits

It is possible to buy a machine that produces negative ions if you want to claim its benefits but the less expensive is to use Himalayan salt lamps at home. Having a basket or solid salt lamp at home can be a great alternative if you want to experience cleaner and refreshing air.

The soothing colors Himalayan salt lamps give provide an ambient and relaxing glow within the house. If you decide to invest in this one, it is important to choose a quality salt lamp as it can last for more than a decade.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when choosing a salt lamp:

  • Deep Orange Color

Darker color lamps are basically higher quality lamps. When choosing a salt lamp, it is important that you should search for an indicator that shows it is 100% Himalayan salt. Because of its popularity, many fake Himalayan salts dominate the market today which uses a lower quality of salt.

  • Size

If your salt lamp is bigger, then its effect is also greater. Small lamps only weigh around 5 to 6 pounds while the large ones can weigh up to 50 pounds. You may keep smaller salt lamps which are less expensive and use it for smaller rooms. If you want to use it on larger spaces such as living rooms, they bigger salt lamps are highly recommended.

  • Surface

The rough surface of a salt lamp indicates its hygroscopic talent. Lamps with the rougher surface area are more effective in improving the quality of air compared to those polished and smooth lamps. Rough Himalayan salt lamps are also better looking as decorative elements in the house.

  • Bulb

The hygroscopic benefit of Himalayan salt lamps is because of the heat and salt together so it is important to buy a lamp that uses a heat-producing bulb. LED bulbs are not recommended for these. Check out my review on the Best Himalayan Salt Lamps on the market.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Side Effects

When browsing the internet, you may have heard about salt lamps. These have become a piece of recent news among health devotees and for those people who prefer natural remedies. Several websites and stores have been serving this kind of product which can be used through your house.

But the question is, is this really recommended? As popular as it is, many people seem to worry about the side effects on the use of salt lamps. As a customer, you may be inclined to try this trendy product but for safety purposes, you also need to look into the side effects of salt lamps.

These trendy crystal lamps have originated from countries that border the Himalayas. These salt lamps generative ions is believed to purify air and produce a number of health benefits. However, some dangers are inherent in Himalayan Salt Lamps. We have listed below some reasons why you should be aware of when you have a salt lamp or just deciding to have one:

  • Salt lamps are breakable

Salt lamps have different colors ranging from white (color of pure salt) and red hues (imparted by mixed of minerals). Salt lamps with minerals strengthen the salt crystals.

Without them, they can become brittle and can even shatter. You should be aware of this and handle your salt lamps with care as they are fragile. Most markets nowadays promote avidly white salt lamps but you should consider its lack of minerals and fragility.

  • Salt can be corrosive

A salt lamp must not be placed within a high humidity area such as the bathroom. Since salt is hygroscopic, it absorbs water vapor and the lamps may become too sweaty.

The salt-water can be collected around its base and can corrode to whatever surface the lamp is resting. If the surface is metal, it will rust quickly. You should never buy a salt lamp without a base, especially f you use them in the basement, kitchen or bathroom.

  • Some salt lamps are heavy

Large salt lamps are heavy and weigh up to 50 pounds. The heavier the lamp is, the more expensive it is. One of the reasons for this is because large Himalayan salt lamps come with larger crystals, which are expensive to ship.

Also, note that salt lamps are asymmetric which means they do not have a definite shape. If your crystal is heavy and poorly carved in the base, the tendency is that it may fall down and break causing possible damage to kids, pets, or even properties.

  • Lamp holder may be low quality

Since Himalayan salt lamps come from different parts of the world, they may enforce different safety protocols such as electrical practices. Some salt lamps are being offered to the market with little electric cord and holder can be loosely installed.

These substandard salt lamps are dominating the market and it is sometimes difficult to identify which are fake and not authentic. Aside from the possible hazard sat lamps may bring because of the corrosive salt that may damage electrical parts, substandard lamps may also be difficult the replace parts r change the lamp.

You may avoid this scenario by choosing a lamp that is strongly connected to a base that can safely and securely hold the lamp in place. The lamp and the holder should have a label that conforms to the UL listed for safety purposes.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps can endanger your pets

If you are using a salt lamp in your house, one of the possible side effects is that it can be harmful to your pet. While salt lamps can bring about many health benefits especially in it could also threaten your pet’s life.

According to study, salt lamps act as air ionizer which spreads negative ions and counter radiation produced in the air. However, too much salt is somehow poisonous to both cats and dogs. Your pet may experience diarrhea, vomiting, lethargy, and the worst is death.

Most salt lamps are used as a decorative thing at home. They are strategically placed in areas where air can circulate well to maximize its health benefits. However, these places can also be easily accessed by your indoor pets.

Unfortunately, some cats may jump up to the table and be able to reach your lamps. Some cats are fond of licking things and there is a high probability that they may do so with salt lamps. Even though pets also need salt in their body, there is an only certain amount that they can take. Too much of it may have adverse effects on the pet’s health.

How to Spot a Fake Himalayan Salt Lamp

If you are decided to buy a salt lamp for yourself, you must do your homework to ensure that you choose the best and quality salt lamp that you may enjoy.

There are several ways to determine whether a salt lamp is an authentic Himalayan salt lamp or just a fake one. To help you, here are some reminders you need to consider when identifying the authenticity of your salt lamp:

  • Return Policy

Since Himalayan salt lamps are made of high-quality salts, they are obviously fragile objects. A legit manufacturer basically knows this and will establish flexible return policies especially when there are damages during the transit.

If a salt lamp has a strict “no return policy” then you may wonder if it is a scam. Some retailers who offer fake products would often not let you return the item especially if they know it is fake.

  • Durability

Since Himalayan salts are fragile, it may be questionable if your salt crystals are very durable and do not break during a collision or fall.

  • Bright Light

Because of the mix of minerals that can be found in Himalayan salt crystals, the light it produces is irregular and not very bright. A legit salt lamp does not give off enough illumination to light up a whole room. If it does, then it is probably a fake one.

  • Inexpensive

Aside from the pinkish and orange salt crystals, there are also white Himalayan salt lamps but they are very rare and a lot more expensive than the regular ones. If you find a cheap White salt lamp, then obviously it is not the real deal.

  • Does not mention Pakistan

The only true source of Himalayan pink salt is found in the underground mines in Pakistan. If you are questioning the reliability of your salt lamp, you may check its authenticity by looking for any mention of Pakistan as it is where the true salt crystals have originated.

  • Moisture-resistant

The Himalayan salt is naturally an absorber of water. if your lamp is prone to sweating when exposed to moisture, then definitely is a real one.

  • No Health benefits

Lastly, you may be able to identify whether your salt lamp is fake when you do not experience any health benefits as mentioned above. If you have an appropriately sized crystal lamp and you do not experience any positive result, then there is a great chance that your salt lamp is a no good lamp.

How to Use Himalayan Salt Lamps?

When you already have a Himalayan Salt Lamp, the next question is how should you use it? Here are some ways that you can try when using your salt lamp:

1. Keep it on

In order to get the maximum benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp, you need to keep it on. Although it may not be practical, keeping your salt lamp is the best way to get the benefits it promises.

According to salt lamps retailer, it is highly recommended to keep your lamp on as long as possible so that it can be warmed by the heat coming from the bulb. Leaving your lamp off for a longer period of time may result in sweating and leaking salt which can be messy.

2. Pick the right bulb

Not all types of light bulbs produce heat such as LED lights and USB-powered lights. Using these types of bulbs will not be able to produce heat and could not bring the health promises that salt lamps guarantee.

The best way to check if your light bulb is a good one is by touching the salt lamp and see it is warmer. You may use light bulbs that are up to 40 watts. Just ensure that your bulb is small enough to fit into the opening of your salt lamp.

3. One lamp per person

Salt lamps may vary in terms of size. If your area is big and your lamp is small, then you may not be able to get the maximum benefits it has. Make sure that your salt lamp will cover enough area so it can do its job.

You may place the salt lamp beside you or just close enough to you while you are sleeping. When it is closer to you, the glow coming from the lamp does not interfere with the production of melatonin which helps you achieve sound sleep with no interruption.

Reasons to buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp

People by nature always try something new especially when they guarantee promising positive effects. As for Himalayan Salt Lamp, we have gathered some insights on why people should buy this one:

  • They might really help you

Aside from studies being conducted on salt lamp, many enthusiasts have claimed that using Himalayan Salt Lamp actually work. People will not resist a salt lamp that is affordable and a good investment after all. Even if some people claim that it can be just a placebo effect, one thing is for sure.

They improve the quality of lives of those who use it. With the advancement, if technology at the palm of our hands, this little investment to salt lamps can lessen the adverse effect of electromagnetic radiation.

  • They look incredible

These Himalayan Salt Lamps are eye-pleasing decorative lamps. It can be a symbol for natural living. They cast a beautiful pink and orange hue that improves anyone’s mood. Even if you experience no benefit, you will still have a stylish lamp for your living room at a very affordable price.

  • They are perfect for night use

The orange and pinkish hue from the salt lamps helps you sleep better at night because it stimulates a sunset-like light and does not interfere with the circadian rhythm that prevents sleep problems.

  • Good-looking lamps

These are also studies that prove beautiful things can soothe people. The attractiveness of pretty things such as the Himalayan Salt Lamp can trigger a part of the motor cerebellum that is in-charged with hand movements. This means that when you are able to see attractive things such as salt lamps, basically it also moves people beautifully.

Bottom Line

You will not know what you are missing if you have never owned a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Owning one would feel like having an open window which gives off natural clean air in your living room, bedroom, or anywhere you desire to put them.

Himalayan salt lamps do not take the place of air filters. They do not create a large number of negative ions. However, these Himalayan salt lamps are a beautiful light source that provides many benefits.

They are inexpensive alternatives which can be a friendly night light to help you and your kids to sleep. While they make a beautiful piece for any area in your home, this elegant illuminative lamp is more than just a night light decoration.


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