Can you Put LED Bulbs in Regular Fixtures

Can you Put LED Bulbs in Regular Fixtures

Can you Put LED Bulbs in Regular Fixtures

Can you put LED bulbs in regular fixtures

Lights are mainly used for illuminating a place where there is no natural light. They also serve other minor purposes like heating small and enclosed spaces and also for aesthetic purposes.

Lights can be used for decorations in houses, restaurants, hotels etc. Lights can be used for decorations with the help of fixtures. Fixtures are nothing but objects that enclose the light to make the lights look dimmer and more appealing than before to the people.

Some of the examples of lighting fixtures are lamps, bedside lamps, driveway lights, street lights, chandelier, pendent light, bollard, ceiling fan light etc. These are all used by people not only for illuminating the places where they stay or work, but also for bringing a visual appeal and charm to the place.

While most of the people use CFL or Incandescent bulbs, LED lights can also be used for these types of lighting fixtures. LED lights are more suitable than other types because they don’t have the heating problem that CFL and incandescent bulbs have; they also last longer than them.

These lighting fixtures have sockets where the lights can be inserted and are easily removable for easy replacement.

LED lighting in regular fixtures

LED lights are very eco-friendly and can be used for a longer time span when compared to traditional lighting devices. And because of this, LED lights can be called as the lights of the future as they are cost efficient, environment- friendly and require zero maintenance.

LED lights are the best options to be used in light fixtures because when other light bulbs are mounted on light fixtures they tend to heat more than usual as they have no space to breathe out the heat that they produce while they are turned off. LED lights produce way less heat as compared to the other traditional light sources.

The LED lights may have a lesser life span than their usual quota, when they are mounted or placed in a light fixture that is enclosed. This is because these enclosures would trap the heat that the LED lights produce, thereby heating the whole light, which diminishes the life of the LED lights.

The trapped heat won’t cause the bulb to explode; however, the cost effectiveness and the efficiency is lost by planting the LED light in the light fixture, which is the main and foremost reason for buying LED lights. The light fixtures are of different types some of them are open while others have a tight enclosure for the light.

Repercussions of using LED lights in closed light fixtures

Closed light fixtures are fixtures which have a tight seal around the lighting devices that act as a shield from air, dust, water and sometimes even as a protection for the electric circuit in which the LED lights are connected.

A light fixture can house more than one LED light depending upon the structure and the design of the fixture. Using LED lights in light fixtures is not fatal or lethal. It is not advisable because the main reason for choosing LED lights over CFL or incandescent bulbs will be diluted.

The above statement does not mean that CFL and incandescent bulbs can be used in place of LED lights in case of enclosed light fixtures. This is because there is a high chance of explosion of bulbs when these bulbs are fixed n enclosed light fixtures.

CFL and incandescent bulbs may get overheated and that may lead to the heat being trapped inside the bulb. This will cause the bulb to explode, eventually resulting in a fire breakout or some defect in the electronic circuit in which the light bulbs are connected.

If LED lights are used in place of CFL and incandescent bulbs there will be no explosion or fire damage. The maximum damage a LED light can cause is a hot burn to the person’s hand when they accidentally touch the light bulb. So, it is always advisable to use LED lights over CFL or incandescent bulbs.

Precautions to be followed before using LED lights in light fixtures

The best way to be safe while buying any kind of lighting devices is to buy the best quality lights rather than opting for below-par quality bulbs, just because they come for a lesser value of money.

Buying cheap LED lights are not cost- effective as they can cause damage not only to the light itself but also to the circuit in which the LED light is connected. It is safer to connect the bulb in a series connection rather than opting for a parallel connection, as the latter may cause overload and might disrupt the whole circuit.

Before opting for LED lights for lighting fixtures it is always advisable to redo the wiring if the wiring is old, or if it is an old house. You should also check the wiring regularly to see if there is a chance of rodents causing damage to wires that can lead to major circuit problem, if left unchecked.

The switches that are either already on the fixture or separately in the room should be thoroughly checked. The sockets in which the LED lights are mounted should also be examined for any minute defect, to be safe than sorry.

Special LED lights with higher life span and high resistance to heat

There are some special LED lights which are produced to be used in closed light fixtures. They have a normal life span and can also overcome the heating problem that is caused because of the tightly closed shell of a light fixture.

These are the LED lights that should be used in light fixtures, so that they last as much longer as a normal LED light that is used for normal lighting. These LED lights help in maintaining the temperature of the light by regulating the flow of current and thus help you by not creating an overload that in turn produces heat.


In a nutshell, we would like to reiterate that it is always better to use a special LED light that is exclusively made for lighting fixtures than using the ordinary ones and paying for unnecessary and avoidable damages.

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