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Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches
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Can Salt Lamps Cause Headaches?

If you’re looking into getting yourself a salt lamp but wondering can salt lamps cause headaches?  Then you might be in for a surprise!

While Himalayan salt lamps are better known for purifying the air around you, there are also various health benefits that can be experienced after the installation of the salt lamp inside your room.

The salt lamps are popularly known to be very effective on health hazards related to headaches, respiratory problems, arthritis, and many such painful diseases. Among these diseases, what wonderful benefit salt lamps are known to have shown is over one of the most irritating diseases, i.e., migraine headache.

So, they are not likely to cause headaches. They can rather cure the same.

Salt lamps are very well known for their effect over treating migraines. There are a lot of popular beliefs that explain the cause of migraine headaches and support widely the curing and preventive effect of Himalayan Salt Lamps over this disease.

Mainly the headaches caused by the low quantity of fluids and other essential electrolytes can be effectively cured by the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Even if it is claimed that the Himalayan Salt Lamps are known to prevent or cure the migraine headache pain, if you are one of the frequent victims of severe headaches and do not know the reason behind the pain, you are very much advised to have the consultancy of a certified medical practitioner.

It’s better to be sure than sorry. And if you are absolutely sure about the cause of your headache to be of a migraine, you might definitely proceed reading further.

Dehydration Headaches:

As our body is made up of 70 percent water, it is very much necessary for an average human being to drink sufficient amount of water in a day. The average amount of water advised for a normal person to drink in a day is about 4- 5 liters. One must check regularly if their water intake matches with the advised limit.

While drinking water less than the required limit might not sound to be a very big deal, it may lead to some serious diseases, like headaches in particular. It is a sign from our own body telling us that it requires more water. Surveys have shown us the result that 75 percent of average humans do not successfully complete their required water intake.

To quote the words of Grace Webb, the Assistant Director at the Clinical Nutrition, Hospital of New York, “When people experience a little weakness or feel headaches, they generally feel the urge to eat some food, whereas the truth is they actually need to drink water.”

This improper balance in electrolytes and fluids in the body is the main reason that ends up causing headaches. Due to unavailability of an adequate amount of water and other required electrolytes the brain tends to contract or shrink in size. This contraction gives us the sensation of pain which is recognized as a headache.

How to identify a Dehydration Headache?

The dehydration headaches normally show mild symptoms. The symptoms may include dull headaches or can even result in severe painful headaches giving the victim unbearable crippling pain. Also, dehydration headaches are accompanied with other such symptoms like a decreased flow of urine, frequent feeling of thirst, fatigue, dark yellow color of urine and dizziness.

If these are the symptoms that are accompanied by your headache, you can stay assured that it is a headache caused by dehydration. For these kinds of headaches, a salt lamp can be useful to prevent as well as cure the headache.

How does a Himalayan Salt Lamp treat Headaches?

As dehydration headaches have been known to be caused by disturbed balance of electrolytes and fluids, it can be prevented by proper intake and replenishment of the body’s fluid supply. Drinks and beverages like alcohols and other caffeinated drinks are known to cause dehydration. These kinds of drinks thus should be avoided in large quantities.

In order to get rid of a dehydration headache effectively, it is very much required to compensate for the electrolytes your body has lost. This can be achieved through the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps. The minerals in the Himalayan Salt Lamps are rich in Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, phosphorous, and so on.

Also, these minerals are some of the vital minerals required for the smooth functioning of the body. Therefore a salt lamp can definitely be helpful in the prevention and cure of the dehydration headaches by providing you with the required minerals as a substitute for your lost electrolytes.

Beverages like “Himalayan Salt Sole” have been known to be in the service of mankind and successful in treating dehydration headaches since long. A recipe suggesting the uses of pink colored Himalayan salt, water, and lemon juice, has been claimed to be very effective in treating dehydration headaches as well as improving the overall health of a person.

Besides curing your headaches, salt lamps can be beneficial in other various ways such as:

  • They can act as an antidepressant by reducing stress.
  • Insomnia can be cured and improving your sleep.
  • It cleanses and purifies the air around you, making it free from pollution.
  • Cleansing the air would be helpful in lowering allergies and symptoms related to asthma
  • Increasing the energy in your body and enhancing the mood.
  • It also treats, disorders related to seasonal changes.
  • It can reduce the radiation in the room and eliminate airborne infections.

While Himalayan Salt Lamps are known for their wide range of health benefits, it has also been found that many fake salt lamps are being sold in the name of Himalayan Salt Lamps. Therefore it has to be taken care to look for the original salt lamps by going through the credibility of the manufacturers and customer reviews.

Obviously, the facts about the Himalayan Salt lamps must not be so hard to raise someone’s curiosity and make them wonder how a single piece of crystal from the mountain foothills can have such outstanding benefits. To clear the fact yourself go check online for creative and beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamps and fall in love with the beauty of light spectrum.

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