Best Lightweight Backpacking Lantern

Best Lightweight Backpacking Lantern

Best Lightweight Backpacking Lantern

Camping is one of the most amazing adventures in the world. Connecting with nature, hurdling through the woods, and of course, camping.

For safety purposes, there are several things you need to bring for a camping trip. This includes a good source of light such as flashlights and lanterns which are portable and easy to carry especially when you need them the most.

Of course, you do not want to spend your camping trip around dark areas. That is why you will need an excellent quality lantern. The right lantern will help you light your campsite, stroll through the dark trails, and even read a book within your tent before sleeping.

There are different lanterns currently on the market today which are loved by most outdoor enthusiasts.

Why you need a camping lantern?

The benefits of having a lantern especially on a camping trip are obvious. A lantern gives light when it is dark out. This means that you can continue doing things like playing games, cooking, or hanging out with companions during nightfall.

Compared to conventional flashlights, camping lanterns cover a wide band of illumination and 360 degrees lighting that all campers can enjoy at once. There are hands-free design lanterns that are perfect for use when cooking or playing a game.

Camping lanterns are a bit larger and bulkier than typical headlamps and flashlights but there are models that are lightweight and perfect for backpacking.

Here are some of the best lanterns for backpacking:

1. Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern

The Tough Light LED Rechargeable Lantern is a smart and stylish emergency lantern that includes a charger for tabs, cameras, and cell phones. This product has amazing power with 400 lumens.

The product holds a charge for almost nine (9) months when not in use. A single charge of this lantern can give you 200 hours of illumination in low setting. This product can be charged through a USB compatible charger.

It can also be charged from a 12-volt DC vehicle charger. The best thing about this lantern is that it comes with emergency features that can benefit all users. It has a red flashing light for hazard that can last up to 526 hours and an SOS beacon light that can cover up to 265 hours.

The Tough Rechargeable Lantern is also drop and water-resistant.  Obviously, this lantern is an excellent and superb choice when it comes to camping trips in the wilderness as well as for emergency purposes.


Versatile and well-designed

Perfect for emergencies and outdoor use

Have cool features



A little bit expensive on the market

2. Coleman Twin LED Lantern

Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern
1,672 Reviews
Coleman LED Lantern | 390 Lumens Twin LED Lantern
  • Customizable brightness settings ranging from high to...
  • 390 extra-bright lumens on high. 100 bright lumens on...
  • 32-ft. (9.75 m) beam distance on high and 19-ft. (5.79...
  • Up to 85 hours runtime on high setting and Up to 299...
  • Powered by eight D-cell batteries (sold separately)....

When it comes to emergency lanterns, the Coleman Twin LED Lantern is another excellent option. This product boasts in useful features and durable construction.

The best feature of Coleman lantern is that you can customize or adjust the brightness settings, from ultra-low to ultra-high. When in ultra-high mode, this Coleman Twin LED lantern gives you 390 lumens and 100 lumens when in ultra-low.

This product has a runtime of 85 hours when using the brightest setting and 299 hours when in low brightness mode. The Coleman Twin Lantern is powered by eight (8) D-cell batteries which can give you bright lights at your most convenient preference.

This lantern is a well-constructed emergency lantern that you can always depend on, whether it is for an outdoor trip or any emergency use. The Coleman lantern has also a good water-resistance feature.


Lightweight but sturdy

Has high and low a brightness mode

Easy to use and assemble

Riser lets you put modern attachments


50-pound draw can be hard for some users

Requires D-Cell batteries

3. Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact, Rugged 7.25″ Hand Lantern

Streamlight 44931 Siege 540-Lumen Compact D Alkaline Outdoor Hand Lantern/Flashlight Combo, Coyote & 44941 Siege 200 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern (Coyote Green, 3xAA Battery)
9 Reviews
Streamlight 44931 Siege 540-Lumen Compact D Alkaline Outdoor Hand Lantern/Flashlight Combo, Coyote & 44941 Siege 200 Lumen Ultra-Compact Work Lantern (Coyote Green, 3xAA Battery)
  • Product 1: Multiple Light Modes. White LED, Red LED
  • Product 1: Night vision preserving mode extends run...
  • Product 1: Incorporated D rings on top and bottom of...
  • Product 1: Cover is removable to illuminate large areas
  • Product 2: Comfortable to use in close quarters without...

The Streamlight 44931 Siege Compact lantern is a customizable emergency lantern that can be adjusted up to 340 lumens. It includes a red light feature that can be used to preserve during night vision and a red flashing mode for emergency signals when someone needs help.

This lantern has D-rings that allow be stowing or hanging when it is not in use. The ergonomic handle of Streamlight Siege Lantern is designed to lock in an upright position. This Siege Lantern has a runtime of 295 when in low light mode.

It comes in different modes including low which gives 33 lumens only, medium mode which provides 175 lumens, and a high mode which offers 340 lumens. The Streamlight Siege Lantern also boasts its durability and well-designed structure.

It comes in handy. It can be used during emergencies, camping, or during winter emergencies. It is also waterproof and has a magnetic foot that can be used for sticking in the hood of your car or for van camping.

It can also be used if you happen to encounter emergencies such as changing a tire in the dark. Its magnetic feet can be stowed anywhere with a magnetic surface, thus, a hands-free activity can be done.


Strong top and bottom

Top can handle enough tension to stay still in upright angles

Has an on/off button


Water resistant


More expensive compared to other models

Has two-year warranty only

Limited to four settings


Lanterns are necessary for outdoor activities such as camping or trekking and for emergency purposes as well. Lanterns provide light for things and activities that we cannot do in the dark.

Aside from camping, these emergency lanterns can also be used for other outdoor activities such as fishing, kayaking, boating, and other activities that are around waters. It is also good for car camping.

The lanterns that were mentioned above are one of those that are incredibly useful that has multiple features and settings. When choosing the right lantern, make sure to consider features that may be useful enough for you.

There are models that have different features and settings which are not applicable to other’s preference. Before checking out your cart, be sure to choose the one that fits right to your needs.

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