Best LED Lantern for Power Outages

Best LED Lantern for Power Outages

Best LED Lantern for Power Outages

Are you looking for the best LED lantern for power outages?

LED lanterns have been used by many for several purposes. Some of them use lanterns for camping, for outdoor activities, and most especially for emergency occurrences. LED lantern is a necessary tool for every household.

Whether it is used for dark rooms or power outages, this product can give you minimum light that is needed. That is why LED lanterns have dominated the market these days. When it comes to lanterns, there are brands that offer the best quality and useful features.

There are several companies who advertise lanterns which can guarantee maximum results, especially for power outages. Since there are many products offering the same result, it is important to conduct thorough research on lanterns based on critical factors such as brightness power, durability, weight and size, and ease of use.

Things to consider when buying a lantern

Choosing the right lantern for power outages is a meticulous task. One must have a little bit of patience so that you may be able to find the right model that fits your need and also your budget. You should bear in mind that a good lantern will not let you down in the dark. We have come up with several factors that you may need to look into before spending your money.


A good lantern can be evaluated through the illumination it produces. Your lantern must not produce a miserable beam of light such as night lamp. It should produce the right amount of illumination that makes you cover your eyes.

The brightness of emergency lanterns can be measured in Lumens. This is the unit that measures the amount of light a product gives. A good emergency light should not exceed more than 250 lumens


There are several types of lanterns available in the market. Some products are powered by electrical sources and some are powered by batteries. If your priority is to select lanterns that can be used during power outages, it is recommended to buy lanterns that are powered by batteries.

In this case, you can buy spare of batteries in case your lantern runs out of power from the battery source. These types of lanterns can also be used during outdoor activities. Using this type of lantern lessen the probability of getting a fire hazard during camping.

Some battery powered lanterns offer rechargeable batteries.  Battery operated lanterns are usually made of plastic so they are lighter compared to electric lanterns.


One of the fundamental criteria for choosing a good LED lantern is the adjustability feature. This means that your lantern should have a setting that lets you adjust the brightness of light you will need. You may either put it the brightest mode or just dim use.


Lastly, your lantern should be made from strong and sturdy materials so that t could have a longer life span. You may also want to check if the lantern is waterproof or water resistant.

With the criteria mentioned above, here are some of the best models for LED lanterns:

1. Ultimate Survival Technologies UST 30 Day Lantern

The UST 30-Day LED Lantern is a well-made lantern that comes with a rubberized housing. The lowest setting is 29 Lumens and can last up to 30 days. Its highest setting is 300 Lumens and can be used for 32 hours.

It also has a 4-mode electronic switch that lets you select different settings including low, medium, high, and SOS flashing for emergencies. When not in use, the UST LED Lantern provides a flashing green indicator so that you may be able to locate your lantern in the dark.

This product is a high-quality water-resistant lantern which uses three D-cell batteries.  When it comes to reliable lanterns made for emergency or power outages, then this product is one of the top choices.


Well built





Not waterproof

Do not have a reflector

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2. Brightest LED Camping & Hurricane Lantern

This Ultra-Bright Lantern is one of the most reliable lanterns when it comes to power outages. It can light an entire room when dark. Powered by three D-cell batteries, this product can be used up to 140 hours. This product also boasts its portability.

It is very lightweight which means you can carry it easily. This water-resistant LED lantern is durable. It is made of professional-grade rubber and is perfect both for indoor and outdoor uses. There is also an “S” hook embedded in this product so you may be able to hand it from top of a tent, under the hood of the car, or in any areas you prefer.


500 lumens brightness


Comes with “S” hook


Not waterproof, only water resistant

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3. Blazin’ Bison Brightest Rechargeable LED Lantern

The Blazin’ Bison LED Lantern is also a masterpiece when it comes to prate up to 140 hours so you can be confident enough that it could give you the illumination that you need for longer hours of blackout. This lantern is operated by three D-cell rechargeable batteries.

The advantage of having this lantern is that it can save you money, time, and effort of charging your lanterns now and them.  This ultra-bright lantern can give 500 Lumens which can light a wide area of darkness. The good thing about this lantern is its three modes setting which lets you select and adjust the brightness for comfortable use.

It has a low setting of 300 lumens, high setting of 500 lumens, and a strobe mode that can be used when the need arises. The product is also lightweight which means you can carry it around with =out much effort. Lastly, this product is good to go lantern because you may use it on any type of weather because of its water resistance feature.


Battery operated

500 Lumens

3Comes in three mode settings

Lightweight and portable

Water resistant 


No manual switch

Easily drains battery

Some issues with the battery cover design

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Finding the right lantern can be a difficult job given that there are many models that offer almost the same features. However, if you give time for little research, you may find yourself diving into models that are almost perfect for your needs.

When it comes to choosing emergency lights, make sure to choose the durable and sturdy one that will not let you down. Your emergency lanterns should be lifesavers in times of need. With that in mind, it is important to choose the best one at a reasonable price you can afford.

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