Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Best Bike Lights for Unlit Roads

Having the best and reliable light for your bike is very important especially when you are traveling along dark and unlit roads. Choosing the right light for your bike is not a hard process if you know what you are looking for.

Some countries like the UK requires every cyclist to install and use bike lights especially if they are going on the road after dark. In fact, even at day time, a bike light is a must-have that is why people particularly bikers are starting to invest in reliable an durable bike lights for safety.

Today, there are many modern bike lights that have invaded the market. With a powerful beam, you can now simply attach a single bike light and recharge them via USB. These high-powered lights are even affordable than ever that is why you should also start considering to invest in one now.

Buying Guide for Bike Lights


An LED bike light with 300 to 500 Lumens is more than enough for the front and 60 to 70 Lumens on the rear.


Most modern bike lights feature different power modes that you can use depending on your riding preference. You may opt to select a powerful 1000-Lumen light and use it with a low setting in order to preserve the battery life and use it in full beam when you are riding on the dark.

Most bike lights also have flashing and constant setting. Flashing modes often consume less battery yet constant beam may help you see the road easier and more visible.

Helmet lights

This particular type of bike light is also becoming popular among cyclists today. This is mainly because helmet lights can ensure safety. This light can also be used to point in any direction you want to go rather than where the bike is facing.


When buying a bike light, it is important also to ensure proper fit of the light on to your bike’s cockpit. Make sure that it fits well and will not droop or fall off especially when you hit a bump.


One of the most popular features of bike lights today is their rechargeable feature. Most bike lights can now be powered via USB port so you don’t need to buy any batteries for your bike lights.

Top 3 Bike Lights for Unlit Roads:

1. Cycle Torch Shark Rechargeable Bike Light

If you are looking for a bright and affordable bike light when hitting off the road, then this Cycle Torch Shark Bike Light is a good choice. It has ultra bright LED lights that produce 500 lumens.

This Cycle Torch Shark is rechargeable and can be power through any USB port. With this, you can save a lot of money from unnecessary buying of replacement batteries. It has four different modes to choose from including high, medium, flashing, and low.

When using high mode, it can illuminate up to 1.5 hours. When in medium and low mode, it can function up to 3 hours and 15 hours respectively. For flashing mode, it can operate up to 30 hours of continues use. This Cycle Torch Shark is durable and reliable with IP65 waterproof making it perfect for travels at any given weather condition.

It can be easily installed and mounted on your bicycle as it has a universal fit. It can pair with any type of bikes without the need for additional tools when setting up.


Bright lights




Different modes


Short lifespan

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2. Te-Rich Super Bright Bike Light USB Rechargeable

With Te-Rich Super Bright Lights, you will have no fear in darkness when riding your bike. It has 1200 Lumens with Cree XM-L2 LED Technology. This waterproof bike light can ensure safety and more visibility as they are bright enough to light up the road and trails and makes you see bumps ahead especially when biking at night.

When setting up, you will not need any additional tools for installation. You can simply secure a tight fit on the handlebar of your bike depending on the location you desire. You can also easily screw off the light when leaving or parking your bike when outside. It has a long run time.

This Te-Rich Bright Light is powered by 5 volts rechargeable patter pack. When you use the high mode, it can last up to 4 hours while medium and low brightness can last up to 8 hours and 12 hours respectively.

This mini safety flashlight can also be used as a headlamp for outdoor activities such as fishing, camping, hiking, caving, and more. This universal bike light can fit handlebars and tubes up to 28  in diameter.


Super bright

Easy to install

Long lasting


Not 360 degree

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3. Victagen Bicycle Waterproof LED Front & Rear Light

The Victagen Bicycle Light is one of the brightest and most recommended bike lights in the market today. It has super bright LED lights with 2400 Lumens with additional rear light powered by XML T6 lamp beads that guarantee to give maximum visibility and safety, especially for daily commuting.

It has a flash mode to make sure the cyclist is visible both in daytime and nighttime. It is guaranteed to last long. For charging features, it can be powered by any device with a USB port. The Victagen Rechargeable light comes with an upgraded rechargeable battery for longer use and easy charging.

Its Smart Charging Feature has a longer run time of up to four hours on high brightness and continuous use. It is also an IP65 water-resistant. If you enjoy outdoor activities and sports, then this bright light is an ideal choice for you as it can withstand harsh outdoor environments and water splashing at any angle.

It can be installed quickly within five minutes without the use of additional tools. This newly upgraded light can fit at any type of bikes as it has a universal fit feature.


Super bright

Best for day or night riding

Easy to install


Uses small batteries

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Bike lights have become increasingly popular and a must for cyclists. This light can ensure the safety of the bikers by making them visible to other road-hitters and to illuminate their way through unlit roads and dark evenings.

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